Language learning is one of my biggest passions–my current working languages are English, Mandarin, Japanese, and French.  The main purpose of this blog is to connect with other language learning enthusiasts and share ideas.

I strongly believe that native English speakers often receive accolades simply for reaching  basic passable levels of proficiency in other languages; I don’t want to diminish anyone’s achievement, but we seem to hold newcomers and international students to a much higher standard when it comes to learning English. Imagining what things would look like if the tables were turned is part of my motivation to keep trying to improve the languages I study.  In terms of how to get to your desired level, my basic advice is to focus on whatever works for you.   I didn’t always appreciate language tests, but I’ve come to value the direct feedback they offer—I have passed JLPT (Japanese), HSK (Chinese) and DELF (French) proficiency tests as a way of charting my progress 

I live in Edmonton (Western Canada) and work at the University of Alberta.  Please note that this is a personal blog—the opinions expressed here are completely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

If you see something on these pages that sparks a thought, please leave a comment.  If you’re writing about language learning,  I’m definitely interested in seeing your blog!


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