Learning Norwegian via Trump: “Hvordan sier du «shithole county» på norsk?”

Not to get sucked into politics, but Trump’s alleged comments about immigrants from “Shithole countries” were apparently paired with comments about wishing that there were more Norwegians immigrating to the U.S.A.

In terms of a reality-check, there was a piece in the Atlantic that nicely covered why that isn’t likely to happen–(spoiler: Norway is one of the few countries in the world that consistently beats Canada (yes, and the U.S. too) on UN Development index, happiness rankings and other measures).  Still, I was curious to see what Norwegian people were saying about this chapter of current events— how would you even say “shithole country” in Norwegian?

From the looks of things, I wasn’t the only one asking this kind of question–Newsweek put together a funny article with multilingual translations of “shithole country”, as used by journalists around the world.  It’s definitely worth a look; however, since Norwegian wasn’t on the list, I was on my own.

After some creative back-and-forthing between Google Translate and Google search (some of my initial searches were dead ends), I had my answer: the headlines below even include grammar patterns that I’ve learned through Duolingo Norwegian, so it was a win all around.  Without further ado, here is some of what I found (fyi–yes, shit=dritt):

“Trump vil ikke ha innvandrere fra «drittland», men fra Norge” (Trump does not want immigrants from “shithole countries”, but from Norway.)

“Trump vil ha flere innvandrere fra Norge, ikke «drittland»” (Trump wants more foreigners from Norway, not “shithole countries”)

“Avis: Trump vil ikke ha innvandrere fra «drittland» – vil heller ha folk fra Norge” (Newspapers: Trump does not want immigrants from “shithole countries”, would rather have people from Norway)

Who would have ever imagined that Trump commentary would be part of my Norwegian learning experience, but there you go…..  Dette bilde på Trump Tower er akkurat hva jeg tenkte. Jeg vil helst innvandre til Norge enn Amerika!



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