Norwegian Day 60, Discovered NRK app, Norwegian version of “What the world needs now is love”

Still trucking along with Duolingo Norwegian —day 60!  

Playing around with Duolingo Norwegian still has me checking out Norwegian content on Netflix and my local library and just ‘noticing‘ things here and there.

Free NRK Radio app

Looking for iphone apps, I discovered a free NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) radio app and gave it a whirl.  Fumbling around the menu, I tried a few channels and left it on a show called “Språkteigen” while I was doing something else.  During a music break between segments, I heard what was obviously the Norwegian version of “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love”.  As luck would have it, the app showed the name of the song so I took a screen shot (“Nå skal du få kjærlighet”, by Kirsti Sparboe).   I’m a relatively new Apple Music subscriber and it seemed like a cool bonus to find her album there.

I’m a bit of a guitar hack so I found the lyrics to the song and the tab to the original song and put the tab for the chorus together (below).   It’ll be worth a laugh to try and play the chorus on my guitar in the next while.






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