Moments of Norwegian serendipity

Just continuing to capture these baby steps of learning Norwegian; this project started off on such a whim—it’s been a delight to watch it build a bit of momentum. (Not forgetting the obvious caveat that this is still early days for sure–I’m determined to maintain my Duolingo streak until I finish the course!)

Random moment this week though—we were over at a friend’s house and the kids were surfing videos on YouTube; suddenly, I spotted an “ikke” (familiar word from Duolingo lessons) in the “up next” preview box…. I jumped up to snap a picture (below) so I could check it out when I got home—lo and behold, Google Translate confirmed that “Verschrikkelijke Ikke” is the Norwegian title for the Despicable Me movies!

There aren’t any Norwegian speakers in that house (Just Persian, Arabic and English), so it seemed extra serendipitous to be having a “Norwegian moment”.

The next day my French news app (Le Monde) popped up a headline with another Norway connection. Trivial as it was, it was yet another reminder of how, for all the effort that we put into deliberate language practice (i.e. I found the NRK radio app), the universe/language/culture/community always seems to repay our efforts with these kinds of connections from time to time.

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