32 days of Duolingo Norwegian: $)^* just got serious!


IMG_452632 Days! What started out as a whim has quietly become a ‘thing’ — crazy to think that it’s been a month since I started Norwegian. Up until this point, it’s really only taken about 5 minutes to get enough experience points to meet my daily quota, but I’ve recently discovered a ‘settings’ button that I hadn’t noticed before and I’ve now raised my daily quota to 30xp.  It’s still not much of a task and I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride and genuinely looking forward to my daily ‘study break’— not wanting to break my streak is a bonus motivator, and the way that Duolingo is set up, it’s easy to balance taking a little bite of a new unit with practicing old content.

Duolingo humour continues with random phrases like “She is leaving him” and “Are you wearing underwear?” that are good for a chuckle every now and then when you figure out the sentence.

I can’t wait for the Christmas break— getting through the rest of the Duolingo course and starting some audio/visual practice will be a fun project for the holidays!

Daily goal settings serious




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