Emotive + Interpretation = Interpretainment

This was a really interesting podcast episode that explores a group of interpreters who are striving to put more emotion into the message that they are delivering, as opposed to the typical ‘truncation’ that happens through interpretation.  If the person speaking chooses to swear, or yell— shouldn’t you be including that as part of the interpretation?

The podcast includes a clip from an English/Portuguese interpreter working with a motivational speaker in Brazil.   Really cool to see how both the speaker and interpreter are working together to engage the audience– definitely worth checking out!

Renato Beninatto speaks with Maria Paula Carvalho, a conference interpreter and translator, on a new concept called “interpretainment.”  With interpretainment, the interpreter tries to mimic the speaker’s tone and gestures, in addition to translating the content. […]  Why interpretainers must surrender to the speaker’s emotions—laugh, cry, shout, dance, whatever is needed to achieve the intended impact.

link: http://www.globallyspeakingradio.com/podcast/podcast-031-the-rise-of-interpretainment?utm_content=57080462&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter


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