Flashcards into google news

I have a virtual stockpile of Japanese language learning resources on my bookshelf, including a few sets of these giant Kumon flashcards that are actually made for Japanese school children.


How do you study with flashcards?

There are many ways to use flashcards, but one of the things that I like doing with vocab lists these days is searching for things in Google News, just to see what comes up.  It’s easy to look up something in the dictionary to see what it means in English (不言実行 often comes up as “Actions speak louder than words”, but I find it more illuminating to see what kinds of hits you get seeing the word in target language context.

Even just skimming the search results for a moment or two is often more than enough.  In this case, searching for 不言実行 (filter for news) brought up a hit about someone talking about someone who seems to be saying one thing and acting in a different manner (不言実行と口先だけ 「2人の黒田」の出処進退を思う), a sports story commenting that “this season, actions speak louder than words” (来季は不言実行だ) .

Looking for things in the news is also a good measure of how current a term is—you can add in additional keywords to your search (i.e. something tied to your hobbies, or your line of work) to make the results more relevant to topics that might interest you.




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