Rebooting Japanese

For the last year or so, I have been running into things that seem to cue up happy memories of the time I spent in Japan, and it recently donned on me that I actually haven’t lived in Japan since 2001.  It’s hard to believe that much time has passed!

When I first started this blog project in, I took the JLPT N1 test in 2010 to see if I could muster a pass. With some preparation, I was fine; however, I remember feeling like some of my knowledge was slipping.   Fast forward to six years later, there’s no denying I’ve let my proficiency slip quite a bit.

I’m thinking about taking my son to Japan next year in the summer, so I’d like to have my Japanese in reasonable shape in time for the trip.  Thinking back to the way I learned Japanese (basically early days for the internet), I thought it might be fun to take some of the strategies that I most like now, and apply them to rebooting my Japanese study.  I decided that I would employ my trusty whiteboard to log my review.

Mixing the audio and video together also gives an opportunity to add in a few images from my shoebox of stuff from Japan; the pictures in this video are from Hokkaido, Shizuoka and Akita.



6 thoughts on “Rebooting Japanese

  1. How wonderful! I loved this post. It was fun to hear you speak and sing Japanese. 🙂 Good luck on getting back your language! From what I heard in the video, you seem like you will no problem with basic navigation – buying train tickets, ordering food, etc. I certainly understand the feeling though of wanting to brush up before traveling. I lived in Japan over 5 years ago, and feel my language slipping little by little. Looking forward to more posts and to seeing updates from your trip with your son! Jessy

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