That time I was on a Chinese TV show…

Hard to put words to this trip, but I’ll offer the following summary and let the pictures do the talking.


In short, I got an opportunity to come to China to participate in this year’s 汉语大会. It’s an annual Chinese proficiency contest that’s put together through Hanban, the people behind the Confucius Institute, and CCTV4, the international branch of Chinese Central Television.  I would only commit to the trip if I could bring my son– thankfully, they obliged my request and he’s here with me.

This is my first trip to China in many years and my son’s first trip to China.  This year also marks 20 years since my first trip to Japan in 1996, so my mind is awash with memories of everything that’s happened in the last 20 years, as well as everything I’m hoping for my son’s future.

Still a few weeks to go, but the trip has already surpassed my expectations in so many ways!

2 thoughts on “That time I was on a Chinese TV show…

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