Reading about Canadian First Nations History in Chinese

IMG_1600Jiānádà tàipíngyáng hǎi’àn dì yī mínzú de lìshǐ yǔ wénhuà

Canadian Pacific Coast First Nations History and Culture

I’ve become such a regular user of my public library that I rarely actually buy books anymore.  Most of my library browsing is done online— I simply use the app on my phone to place holds, and then my son and I have a regular habit of stopping by our local branch once or twice a week to pick up or drop off books, comics, games or movies.  Having said that, there’s been a book that I’ve been waiting to buy since last fall (it hadn’t been published yet), and it just arrived in the mail today!    It’s a Chinese language reader, entitled Canadian Pacific Coast First Nations History and Culture.

I met one of the authors at a conference last year and, since then, I’ve been eagerly waiting for the book to come out.  I am so excited about this project and hope that their advisory board is able to publish more stories in Chinese, with a focus on different parts of the prairies (Aboriginal Culture and Chinese Language Learning Book Series).

p.s. Just to be clear, I have nothing to do with this project; I’m just a shameless word geek—The Books are for sale through the Confucius Institute at the University of Saskatchewan.  link to the U of S Confucius Institute page about this book



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