Use Google to find TV commercials in the language you’re studying!

Like many folks these days, I don’t have cable– the media that I do watch comes from borrowing from my public library or streaming online content to my TV. As a result, I don’t see as many commercials anymore.

Having said that, seeing this Japanese commercial took me back to memories of just how much cinematic awesomeness is often packed into commercials in Japan— they’re so catchy and play with words in a fun way; when I was a student, I learned a TON of Japanese from watching commercials and talking about them with Japanese people.  If you think about it though, companies spend an extraordinary amount of money to design messaging that grabs your attention and sticks in your head.  As a language learner, sometimes this kind of stuff is gold.

As another example, check out this new Pocari Sweat commercial.

If you are looking for commercials in the language you are studying, even as a complete beginner, then try the following:

1. Open google translate and type in ‘best commercials 2015’ and translate into the language you’re studying (click link for example with Swedish, just for something different)

2. Copy the text that comes out of that translation “Bästa reklam i 2015” (no, I can’t read this, but I’m taking google at face value),and put it into the search bar in youtube.  The first thing that comes up for me (I’m learning that our search histories can impact our search results) was this one— If  I were starting to learn Swedish, I would probably spend some time exploring the related links that would come up on other videos.

If you find something that interests you, you can always share the link with someone who speaks the language (your teacher, language exchange partner, etc.) and then have a conversation.


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