Chinese Idiom: 开门见山

My general philosophy is that mnemonics are a very personal thing, so it’s often better if you come up with your own mnemonics; having said that, Cornelious continues to come up with fantastic logical images that certainly seem to ‘stick’ for me.

Cornelius– to your point about Chinese idioms not using modern grammar or vocabulary, I would counter that idioms are used much much more widely in Putonghua than they are in English, so a good portfolio of 4-character idioms that you recognize is a core skill that all learners should work on (I could improve in this area for sure).

Another visual idiom I can think of is 水落石出; if you’re taking requests, I’d definitely offer this one up for consideration!

Daily updates this week! Back to Mo/Wed/Fri next week.

kāi mén jiàn shān
kai1 men2 jian4 shan1
to open the door and see the mountain
to get right to the point

I was thinking about doing a whole bunch of illustrations of idioms. But then I didn’t actually manage to find many that were suitable for my purposes. Still, I did two (will post the other one tomorrow) and I like how they turned out so maybe I will come back to that idea at some point.

Regardless, I do want to point out that for a beginner like me there are some issues with using idioms and/or proverbs for learning purposes. For one thing, they do not necessarily use standard modern grammar or vocabulary.

Also, using them appropriately can be tricky. When you look up a word…

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1 thought on “Chinese Idiom: 开门见山

  1. Thank you very much again. I did find somewhere to link to that gives a modern Mandarin equivalent of idioms, which does deal with some of my concerns. I’ll try to do something with 水落石出, but so far I haven’t had a good idea for it.

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