Chinese Character: 歹 (evil)

As far as mnemonics for Chinese characters go, this is an amazing example worth remembering, complete with a tidy sum-up of places where you’re likely to run into this radical.


  • 歹徒 — dai3tu2 / dǎitú — evil-doer/gangster
  • 歹意 — dai3yi4 / dǎiyì — malice

Characters containing this radical are likely to refer to death/dying etc.


  • 死 — si3 / sǐ — to die
  • 歼 [殲] — jian1 / jiān — to annihilate
  • 殃 — yang1 / yāng — calamity
  • 殡 [殯] — bin4 / bìn — funeral

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