The Hardest Part

Bonne Bon,

Me le, me la, me les..Te le, te la, te les…..
I feel your pain on this one…

My most nagging French ‘hard part’ was (and continues to be) grammar errors. I remember getting stuck on “Je faut….(faire, etc)” and completely ignoring the subjonctif to produce “Il faut que je (fasse, etc.)”.

I’ve probably still managed to make an error in recreating this here….

Est ce que tu kidding me?

We know that learning a second language in adulthood is difficult. Even though I started learning as a child, I didn’t get enough input to get to be fluent by most standards – and I’ll be the first to say it. There are a lot of factors that make language learning difficult. What is the hardest part of learning another language?

I think “the hardest part” may be different for everyone. In my job, I see students with very different skill profiles. Everyone excels in some things and needs more time to improve other things. There are people who struggle more with writing; others who struggle with listening (or understanding spoken language); others who have difficulty with pronunciation and being understood. It’s amazing to work with people every day and be reminded just how different and unique we each are.

So here we have it, in no particular order, three…

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3 thoughts on “The Hardest Part

    • Thanks for the comment– I like your blog too! I’m staying tuned for that moment when you start talking about calculus in Chinese!


      • Hahaha! Although my Chinese isn’t quite good enough just yet!! I’m sure that day will come though xD

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