Lost in another world

Oh my—this brought back so many memories of watching DVD copies of “24” in northeastern China.

My roommates and I had just bought a cheap toaster oven, real cheddar cheese (a real treasure in a third-tier Chinese city at that time) and imported canned spicy tuna from Korea. We used to make plates of tuna melts and watch marathon sessions of 24. We finished the whole series over the span of a few days during the spring festival holiday of 2003.

My roommates and I didn’t get lost in the trap of watching tv in the same way that I saw some expats do, but spells of getting caught up on television from home were one of the ways that we cocooned, recouped and refreshed for new experiences in our everyday lives in a corner of China that wasn’t a typical destination for foreigners.

I met my wife two months after this ‘episode’ of my overseas life.

Wow… Home run with this one ken. We are also ‘non cable’ ‘non satellite’ people. Most of what we watch comes from online sources, supplemented with regular trips to our local library, which is well stocked with children’s TV and movies.



I don’t normally rave about TV programmes; in fact I rarely (if ever) watch any TV other than with my family and even then only very select programmes.

I try not to be judgemental about this. I have to remember that everyone is different and everyone’s lifestyle choices are their own. But I can’t help but wonder why anyone would want to sit around watching TV! I simply don’t have the time and on the very, very few occasions I do decide to turn the telly on and see what’s on the box I am disappointed every single time! There’s never anything on worth watching!

I didn’t want to get TV at all when we returned to the country but Wifey insisted that we needed to have satellite TV for the kids if nothing else. Now, our kids don’t watch much TV either. They’ve grown up with it pretty much

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