Brazilian Portuguese

I don’t know if it counts as a Bob Dylan New Year’s resolution but, over the last while, I’ve added Brazilian Portuguese into my language learning mix….

As one of the so-called BRIC countries, Brazil has figured more prominently in the news over the last few years.  With Brazil hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2014 (in 12 different cities), and then Rio de Janeiro hosting the Olympics in 2016, i’m sure that we’ll all know quite a bit more about the country by the time these events are over in a few years.

Closer to my day-to-day life working on a university campus, it’s also worth noting that the Brazilian government is currently in the middle of an ambitious program called “Science without Borders”; by 2015, the scheme will see 100,000 Brazilian university students (undergraduate through post-doctoral) head overseas–the Canadian government estimates that as many as 12,000 of those students will come to Canada.

I could come up with a few more ‘reasons’ to learn Brazilian Portuguese, but the truth is that it simply sounds cool to my ears.  If I can learn enough to have a decent conversation then I’ll be happy.   I don’t have a particular timeline in mind— just hobby/fun.

I’ve been checking out Brazilian movies and music through my local library, and I’ve enjoyed getting started with Duolingo‘s Brazilian Portuguese beta-offering.  We’ll see how it goes!

Brazilian Portuguese


2 thoughts on “Brazilian Portuguese

  1. That comic is perfect! I can’t tell you how many times I have told people I learned Portuguese while traveling in Brazil, having to quickly respond to their confused look and add that the language of Brazil is indeed Brazilian Portuguese, not Spanish. And that they speak Portuguese in several other countries outside of Portugal, like Angola and São Tomé e Príncipe. It’s like trying to explain that the official language of Belize is English.

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