International Mother Language Day

Did you know that the United Nations celebrates International Mother Language Day every year on February 21st?

Collected a few clips of students using their own language to say ”  ___ is my mother language” as part of an event that will take place later during reading week.


5 thoughts on “International Mother Language Day

      • At the university where I work, there are a number of wonderful international students from Bangladesh (mostly in MSc and PhD) programs— your blog posts are an interesting glimpse into a country that I don’t know very well. I imagine you must speak Bangla quite well by now— what other languages are you working on? I’m looking forward to reading a recent book about people like yourself— the author calls people who speak several languages ‘hyperglots’.

      • Yes I’ve read this article – very interesting! I love languages but I’m not very good at them 😦 That said, yes I am reasonably fluent in Bangla. I study Greek, Hebrew, Hieroglyphs and Latin as ancient languages, Bangla, Santali (the tribal language spoken in my part of Bangladesh) and a little Arabic are my South Asian languages, French and German are my European languages (reasonably fluent with French) and I have more recently taken up Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and – my twelfth addition – just added Korean. Some are very new and based on being able to read literature, others I can speak quite well too. I do intend – in the near future – to write a book on how to learn several languages. It is all part of the memory aid teaching that I have developed with my students over the last 3-4 years.

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