Passed JLPT N1 一級を合格したぜ〜!!

Just got the results from last December’s Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and I was delighted to discover that I had squeaked out a pass on the new JLPT N1!

I consider the JLPT ‘hard’ simply because  the bulk of the test concentrates on my main weak points.  (No chance to talk!).  It’s surreal to have finally bested the legendary “Level 1”, especially since Japan seems quite ‘far away’ from my work and surroundings these days.

I’ll most likely take it again this year, but it will be a relief to have ‘passing’ out of the way—- my current score follows a familiar pattern: high points for listening, but reading could benefit from some more attention.

I’ll leave study strategizing for later—today is definitely a happy day!

5 thoughts on “Passed JLPT N1 一級を合格したぜ〜!!

  1. Hey,

    im going to take the test this summer. i ve heard that ikkyuu has changed last year and that it is now know as n1 though. looking through the internet i tried to find a page that is showing the differences between 1kkyuu and n1. do u know anything about that?
    thanks for help

    • Hi there,

      My understanding is that the new N1 test is roughly equivalent to the old level one (ikkyuu). I heard that one of the major motivations of adjusting the JLPT scheme was to shorten the gap between the old level 3 and level 2. Have you already passed the old level 2? The JLPT website has some basic information here: and “Four basic points about the new test” here:

      If the test is offered in the summer where you’re at, then maybe you could consider doing N2 in the summer and then N1?

      Either way, best of luck to you!

  2. Congratulations! I also have a DELFB2, HSK 5, but have never taken HSK advance level of speaking. I am a Japanese, so I am one of TOEIC test takers. This year, my goal is HSK advance level of speaking, over 900 of TOEIC.

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