Le départ de Stéphane Guillon: one of my French teachers got fired…

The other day I made a list of French podcasts that I have on my ipod, but it appears that Stéphane Guillon’s two year stint on France Inter has come to a close.  Pity!  In making a statement on the situation, Radio France boss Jean-Luc Hees declared that “L’humour ne doit pas être confisqué par de petits tyrans.” and gave Guillon the boot.

I’ll leave politics to the pundits, but it really has been fun listening to his morning slots.  One favourite that comes to mind was his recap of the Clearstream Affair, comparing the whole scenario to a TV series that you never really want to come to an end “and I never missed an episode”(see video below).

Something about his humour reminded me of old Monty Python sketches that were off-colour enough that you couldn’t share with some of your friends, yet you still couldn’t deny some the comedic genius in the delivery.

With his flair, gift for story-telling and spot-on impersonations of so many different French speaking styles, these skits are a superb language learning resource– my only wish was that I could read his speaking notes!  If someone ever puts together a DVD + Book box-set of Mr. Guillon’s time at France Inter, I will definitely pick up a copy!

video link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xc2bsy_al-pacino-et-la-croisiere-s-amuse_fun


2 thoughts on “Le départ de Stéphane Guillon: one of my French teachers got fired…

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