Linguathon 2: New HSK

Linguathon HSK

Welcome to “Linguathon 2”!

Just as I did with a French exam earlier this year, I am asking people to sponsor me in my attempt at the new upper-intermediate level of the HSK Chinese proficiency test.

The money raised will be donated to the Tamaraneh Society, a development project that I support as a volunteer. You will receive an official tax receipt for your donation through our partner,Change For Children.  Your contribution will depend on how well I do on the test.

To calculate your donation, what we will do is multiply my final HSK score (i.e. 75%) by your pledge amount (i.e. $20)— in this hypothetical example, I would end up collecting $15 from you in June when the results come out.

If you’re game, just drop me a note to let me know how much you’re willing to pledge.

Why do this?

I actually have three goals:

  • I have made it a personal goal for 2010 to improve my proficiency scores in the three languages in which I have the most experience (Chinese, Japanese, French).   Additionally, the format of the HSK test has changed a little this year so I’m curious to see how I’ll do.
  • for the fundraising part of the exercise, I’m happy to sit down and chat with you about the work that is being done in Sierra Leone through the Tamaraneh Society.
  • ultimately, my biggest motivation for doing this is to remind as many people as possible that language learning is thriving in Edmonton–if you aspire to learn another language, all the resources you need can be found right here in your home community!

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