[Edit: I wrote some reflections on the DELF B2 exam in a different post— if you’re planning on taking the exam, you may find that some of the comments below the post are helpful]


Hello friends and family!

Do you remember when we were kids and we used to ask people to sponsor us in the school “spell-a-thon” to raise funds for school projects? Following in the same tradition, I’m wondering if you would consider sponsoring me in my self-proclaimed “Linguathon”? Your donation will depend on how well I do in the upcoming DELF (B2) French language proficiency exam.

The money raised will be donated to the Tamaraneh Society, which is a development project that I support as a volunteer. You will receive an official tax receipt for your donation through our partner, Change For Children.

DELF, as I should explain, is short for diplôme d’études en langue française, a French language proficiency exam that I will be taking this month (level B2). My French is quite rusty so this is a bit of a personal challenge!

Just like a spell-a-thon sponsor is calculated, what we would do is multiply my final DELF score (i.e. 75%) by your pledge amount (i.e. $20), and I would collect from you in late March ($15 in our hypothetical example).

If you’re game, just send me an e-mail to let me know how much you’re willing to pledge. If you have time for coffee, I’ll tell you more about the Tamaraneh Society, the projects we’re supporting in Sierra Leone, and the amazing woman that inspires the society.

3 thoughts on “Linguathon

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