DELF: Les résultats sont arrivés

When I first decided to take a French test a couple of months ago, I really didn’t know a thing about which tests were available. After talking to a few people, I settled on the DELF/DALF series, which is administered in my city by the Edmonton Public School Board’s International Credentials for Language Services.

I have to say, as a language proficiency test, I really like the DELF; there was a real “written exercise” (composing a letter), as well as an oral/aural section that is facilitated by two examiners. Having two people present to administer the spoken test means that the registration fee is higher than other language proficiency tests that I’ve taken; however, it’s a cost that I’m happy to bear— I thought the test was rigorous, fair and well-administered (why does it feel like this is turning into a restaurant review?). Suffice it to say that I’m a fan.

Regardless, I passed my level— actually, my score was good enough that I probably should have taken a more difficult level, but this was the perfect way to start. I’ll take the next level in early February and I’ll be using some of the practice guides available online to guide my study.