Tamaraneh Fundraiser in February

The Tamaraneh Society is a local organization that I feel honoured to be able to volunteer with. The coordinator is a remarkable woman named Memunatu Kamara who, after epic journey to Canada as a refugee, has worked tirelessly to support the rebuilding of her home village in Sierra Leone. Tamaraneh means “people helping eachother” in the Temne language, and that is exactly what we have been doing.

Tamaraneh Society has built, staffed and run two schools, dug one water well, provided seeds for three community gardens and almost finished constructing a health centre. The projects are run by the local community and coordinated by our board and our Canadian project coordinator. Six villages – almost 4000 people – benefit from our schools and water and will also use the health centre when it is completed.

We will be holding our annual fundraiser in February at the Westbury Fringe Theatre. If you are interested in buying tickets online, making a donation or finding out more about the Society, please click on the link below to be taken to the website.

fundraiser banner


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